Thursday, October 28, 2004

Heinz Kerry Critcizes 'Neanderthal' Attacks On Husband

This is the kind of rhetoric that you get from a liberal elitist who thinks she's oh so much better than the rest of us 'great unwashed'. Anyone who criticizes Kerry's penchant for handing over our sovereignty to the U.N., and specifically to French, Russia, China and Germany through a "global test" is now a "Neanderthal"?

Ms. Teresaheinzkerry, when are you and your poodle going to admit the fact that "diplomacy" with those "alliances" to address world-wide terrorism was never going to happen with the countries that were sucking up to Saddam's oil deals on the sly?

I ask you, if diplomacy and alliances work so well to contain countries through sanctions and U.N.-backed condemnation, then why do Iran and North Korea have nukes? Why did Saddam have a half a billion tons of munitions and weapons? All of our soldiers and the soldiers of our allies that have been killed in combat likely died as a result of the weapons and arms that were secreted away from these ammo storage dumps before we got there. Did you get that? before we got there, Ms. Teresaheinzkerry.

Instead of pussyfooting around at the U.N. for 14 months trying to create alliances with people who would just as soon stab us in the back, we should have hit Iraq the same day we hit Afghanistan. Then that "missing" one-tenth of one percent of the war materiel we've captured (so far) would have been equally dispatched.

Don't try to tell me there was no Iraq connection to terrorism. I can read. Since Saddam has been kicked off his little pissant throne there has not been one single $25,000 payment to a terrorist's family for blowing up innocent people. - News - Heinz Kerry Critcizes 'Neanderthal' Attacks On Husband


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