Thursday, October 28, 2004

>bt: September 10th vs. September 12th << Politics

I hope you'll take a moment to read this op-ed article by Evan Coyne Maloney (>bt:

I discovered Evan when Rush Limbaugh mentioned him on his show once. Evan's style is well written, calm and rational thought, and he makes his case with logic and the resources and documentation to back it up.

His more humerous pieces were filmed interviews on the streets of New York, talking to demonstrators and war/Bush protestors, many of whom clearly demonstrated they really didn't have a clue about what was really going on.

This piece describes the differences between the idealogy of the two presidential candidates better than anything else I've read. If you haven't already made up your mind, maybe this will help. If you have, then there's no harm in reading the article anyway to see how he describes your candidate. Compare it with how you see him.

>bt: September 10th vs. September 12th << Politics


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