Saturday, October 30, 2004

Let's Not Forget Afghanistan

To hear Kerry talk you'd think the effort in Afghanistan was a total failure; that we totally dropped the ball and moved on to Iraq, leaving Osama basking in the sun in the Tora Bora Resort and Tennis Club and letting our troops in Afghanistan wallow in a fruitless, disorganized "quagmire". But that's not what he said back in December 2001:

Kerry (Dec. 14, 2001): "What we are doing, I think, is having its impact and it is the best way to protect our troops and sort of minimalize the proximity, if you will'' -- i.e., not throwing American lives away in tunnels and caves in alien territory. "I think we have been doing this pretty effectively and we should continue to do it that way.''

In the same interview, asked about how things were going overall in Afghanistan, he said ``I think we have been smart, I think the administration leadership has done it well and we are on the right track.''

Freedom is a wonderful thing. It's remarkable what some people will do to achieve freedom, if given the chance. We (Bush -- -- our Military -- America) routed the Taliban (something Clinton had no stomach for throughout the '90's) and we gave the people in Afghanistan a chance for freedom. And they took it.

You've seen the bumper sticker 'If You Can Read This, Thank a Teacher'. A similar bumper sticker (camel sticker?) in Afghanistan could read 'If You Can Vote in a Free Democratic Election, Thank America and President George W. Bush!'.

Take a look at this article and tell me again why you're voting for Kerry. Inquiring minds want to know. Really.

Charles Krauthammer: Kerry's 'evolution'


A Newly Discovered bin Laden-Hussein Link

While the 9/11 Commission acknowledged some indications of possible al-Qeida -- Iraq connections, the report concluded there was no "collaborative relationship".

However, there is ample evidence that such a relationship was indeed developing and given time I'm convinced it would have taken root. bin laden and Hussein's goals against America were very similar, and bin laden certainly wanted access to resources that Hussein would have gladly supplied to achieve those goals.

This article, which will undoubtedly be largely ignored by the Big Press (I will no longer refer to them as the "mainstream media"), shows that such a relationship was indeed developing between bin laden and Saddam. The courtship was about to be set into motion and George Bush's pre-emptive strike against both bin laden and Hussein put a stopper on it.

And America and the world are safer for it.

WorldNetDaily: Bin Laden bedazzled Saddam with jewel



Thursday, October 28, 2004

>bt: September 10th vs. September 12th << Politics

I hope you'll take a moment to read this op-ed article by Evan Coyne Maloney (>bt:

I discovered Evan when Rush Limbaugh mentioned him on his show once. Evan's style is well written, calm and rational thought, and he makes his case with logic and the resources and documentation to back it up.

His more humerous pieces were filmed interviews on the streets of New York, talking to demonstrators and war/Bush protestors, many of whom clearly demonstrated they really didn't have a clue about what was really going on.

This piece describes the differences between the idealogy of the two presidential candidates better than anything else I've read. If you haven't already made up your mind, maybe this will help. If you have, then there's no harm in reading the article anyway to see how he describes your candidate. Compare it with how you see him.

>bt: September 10th vs. September 12th << Politics


Kommunists for Kerry!

Ok, you poodle lovers out there. How do you reconcile this news? Oh, you won't see it on CBS News or 60 minutes, that's for sure. But it's a helluva lot more damning than missing a flight training exam.

I have a poodle lover friend that chides Bush for being a "cheer leader" while Kerry was risking life and limb in Vietnam. Well at least Bush was cheering for our team!

WorldNetDaily: Discovered papers: Hanoi directed Kerry

WorldNetDaily: Another document ties Kerry to Hanoi

WorldNetDaily: Kerry honored at communist museum - John Kerry and the VVAW: Hanoi's American Puppets?

WorldNetDaily: Ex-Navy sec to Kerry: Open up your records

This communist-loving French-ass-kissing poodle is a disgrace. What he did is treason, pure and simple. He should be tried as a war criminal.

Read the articles above and then watch this video. Then tell me why you're voting for Kerry. Inquiring minds want to know.

Stolen Honor: Webcast of Entire Documentary


Heinz Kerry Critcizes 'Neanderthal' Attacks On Husband

This is the kind of rhetoric that you get from a liberal elitist who thinks she's oh so much better than the rest of us 'great unwashed'. Anyone who criticizes Kerry's penchant for handing over our sovereignty to the U.N., and specifically to French, Russia, China and Germany through a "global test" is now a "Neanderthal"?

Ms. Teresaheinzkerry, when are you and your poodle going to admit the fact that "diplomacy" with those "alliances" to address world-wide terrorism was never going to happen with the countries that were sucking up to Saddam's oil deals on the sly?

I ask you, if diplomacy and alliances work so well to contain countries through sanctions and U.N.-backed condemnation, then why do Iran and North Korea have nukes? Why did Saddam have a half a billion tons of munitions and weapons? All of our soldiers and the soldiers of our allies that have been killed in combat likely died as a result of the weapons and arms that were secreted away from these ammo storage dumps before we got there. Did you get that? before we got there, Ms. Teresaheinzkerry.

Instead of pussyfooting around at the U.N. for 14 months trying to create alliances with people who would just as soon stab us in the back, we should have hit Iraq the same day we hit Afghanistan. Then that "missing" one-tenth of one percent of the war materiel we've captured (so far) would have been equally dispatched.

Don't try to tell me there was no Iraq connection to terrorism. I can read. Since Saddam has been kicked off his little pissant throne there has not been one single $25,000 payment to a terrorist's family for blowing up innocent people. - News - Heinz Kerry Critcizes 'Neanderthal' Attacks On Husband


The company you keep

My Mom (rest her soul) always said 'You will become who you hang around'. I believe it.

So let's take a brief look at who Senator Kerry hangs around.

WorldNetDaily: The case for Kerry

"Muslims, atheists, communists, socialists, dictators and pornographers, .. ,abortionists, radical feminists, homosexual militants and extreme environmentalists are all rallying behind Kerry. It's time to make a choice. If you find comfort in this company, it's time to stand up and support your candidate. His name is John Kerry."

Americans need to understand that America became one of the greatest countries on Earth without the help or support of any of these groups. In fact it has been more than likely it was despite these groups.

If we are to follow the footsteps of Old Europe and other Socialist and Communist idealogies, as Kerry espouses, America will soon lose its special uniqueness that created individual freedom and liberty for all. Has it been a messy journey? Of course. Have mistakes been made along the way? Absolutely.

Winston Churchill said 'Democracy is a very bad form of government. But it is so much better than all the rest.'

Kerry dreams of things like socialism (government cradle-to-grave health care, welfare, high taxes), communism (state-owned industries, central control, atheism (abortion on demand, partial-birth abortion, harvesting of human embryos)...

Do you, really?


Thursday, October 21, 2004

Kerry team slams reports VP Cheney had a flu shot

Oh give me a break. Kerry, just how low and trivial can you go to try to get a vote?

The President suggested that young and healthy people forego the flu shot until ample supplies were available, letting children, older people and those with health issues go ahead. To denigrate Dick Cheney for getting a flu shot is so infantile it is beyond belief.

How anyone could support and vote for this arrogant idiot just staggers my mind.

DRUDGE REPORT FLASH 2004: Kerry team slams reports VP Cheney had a flu shot

Ok, let's see the Kerry criticism fly against Bill Clinton for getting his flu shot. C'mon, Kerry what say you?

Bill Clinton Gets a Flu Shot


Saturday, October 16, 2004

IAEA to probe disappearance of nuclear materials in Iraq

What the hell is this? You mean there WAS WMD material in Iraq after all? And the U.N. KNEW IT? And the missing material went missing BEFORE the US-lead coalition invaded?

Oh, me oh my, say it isn't so.

IAEA to probe disappearance of nuclear materials in Iraq 10-14-04

If President Bush had just gone to Iraq at the same time he went to Afghanistan and just kicked Saddam's ass off the map, instead of WASTING TIME MESSING AROUND WITH THE U.N. FOR SIX MONTHS trying to CONVINCE our "friends" -- who were up to their asses in sweet oil-for-food oil contracts THAT THEY DIDN'T WANT TO LOSE -- to join us, then Iraq wouldn't have had time to quickly dismantle, destroy, hide and move its WMD evidence. Saddam knew the jig was soon to be up. And the delay gave him a six month heads-up to clean house.

US forces found entire MiG jets competely buried in the sand. Biological WMDs -- enough to destroy an entire city -- would fit into a single suitcase.


The Democrats continue the lie that there were no WMDs. That's a lie. There was plenty of evidence of WMD weapons programs, material and most importantly intent. What the report says is there was no large WMD **STOCKPILES** found.

STOCKPILES and programs, material, resources, facilities and intent is an entirely different thing.


Facts on Saddam's WMDs Then & What's Been Found So Far...
(The World Tribune: UN inspectors: Saddam shipped out WMD before war and after)(Editor& Publisher: Times Makes Partial Amends for False Qaeda-Iraq Tie Misreporting)
(WND: Saddam's secret weapons exports)(Insight: Saddam's WMD Have Been Found)(Roadside Sarin: The WMD we haven't found is still a
(WND: New evidence: Saddam's WMD in Lebanon)


Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Let the Censorship Battle Begin!

Well Kiddies, like I said several years ago it was only a matter of time before the Control Freaks in government would start eyeing the Internet as something new to control. They can't stand the freedom the Internet offers. They MUST control it, regulate it, censor it or just outright ban it.

FEC May Regulate Web Political Activity-- October 13, 2004

They started by trying to impose decency standards and ban porn sites. Why didn't they start in their own cities? No one has yet cleaned up the disgusting filth that’s right under their noses.

Now they'll try regulating political speech even further than the McCain-Feingold ‘Incumbent Protection Act’ ( aka Campaign Finance Reform) . (Can you say "1984"?). Their argument will be to take a "common sense" approach to censorship and regulation of political speech on the Internet. Start small and work up. That's their standard ploy.

Of course there are outrageous and despicable things on the Internet, many things I find totally offensive. So I just don't go there. Unlike spam, which takes my time and resources illegally, porn sites and unsavory political rant sites don't cost me anything. I simply don't have to visit their sites. As long as they're not hijacking my browser to get me to their site, I don't care what they do on their site.

Personally I don't mind the wacko political sites. Many are an embarrassment to the political party they claim to favor. So their effect is to backfire on them. I view many sites from all sides of the political spectrum. That's my RIGHT. I evaluate the claims made by both sides of an issue, I look at who is siding with whom and I decide if I want to align myself with those types of people and their claims and ideas.

I am quite capable, as most Americans are, of collecting information from many resources and then making up my own mind.

It is not the government's job to protect my eyes from the big bad world. I resent the notion that big government thinks it has been empowered to be my shepherd.

The Internet is not a toy. It is a real-life virtual world with as many wonderful things as there are unwonderful things. Most parents would not take their kids to the middle of a big city and just drop them off to wander around for a few hours unchaperoned, yet they think nothing of letting them wander, unfettered around the Internet with no adult supervision. That's just crazy.

So, once again we who value our freedom will be pitted against the government in a struggle to retain our Constitutional RIGHT to Freedom of Speech. Instead of teaching parents and children about how to properly use the resources of the Internet, the Control Freaks in government will attempt to curtail our freedom for everybody. One more sign that that dusty old document that hangs in a museum – the one we call the Constitution -- is really just that: a dusty old document that used to mean something.

And therein lies the problem.

Let the battle begin.



Tuesday, October 12, 2004

No Excuse for Voter Fraud

It is totally asinine to me that many of the 50 States can run virtually flawless Lotteries, handling millions of dollars daily, yet cannot seem to master a simple concept, such as one qualified legal resident of their state equals one qualified vote.

Every single lottery ticket that is purchased and printed is registered in a central computer the instant it is created. No entries are made without proper payment. No numbers are lost in the transaction. Millions of dollars are at stake and to operate less than flawlessly would create an accounting nightmare that would collapse the system in short order. It is inconceivable that a simple voting system cannot be developed, using similar technology that prevents fraudulent registration and improper voting.

Yet many of these same states are now standing there, either intentionally oblivious or just wide-eyed, with just over 3 weeks to go before the most important general election in the 21st century, and, after 230 years now, can't seem to get a handle on the process of valid voter registration, proper voting and precise vote counting.

Why is that? What are the people in charge of the voting process getting paid for? Why is the system in such a shambles that such voter fraud could even be such a problem?

Florida made the news in 2000 because some voters were too stupid to follow simple voting instructions. But it was "the system" that was given the blame, not the voter that couldn't punch a hole in a paper card. Give me a break. The people that caused most of the ruckus are the same people who are in their local 7-11 week after week diligently filling out lottery cards with a Number 2 pencil without going outside the lines of the little circles. No problem. They're the same people who are playing Bingo every Friday in the local Bingo Halls, deftly placing a button over the correct numbers as they are called out. No problem there, either. Yet these people whine that they've been "disenfranchised" because their vote didn't count.

Well guess what? Their vote SHOULDN'T count if it is not a legitimate vote. It should not count if they live in two states and register to vote in both. It should not count if they've moved and their voter profile information is not correct. It should not count if they are a convicted felon, if the laws of their state are such that convicted felons are stripped of their voting rights. It should not count if they are not a U.S. Citizen and they registered to vote in a U.S. election! It should not count if they didn't get to the voting booth before closing.

Finally, it should not count if they didn't properly fill out and submit their voter registration and subsequently their ballot. This notion of "hanging chads" was about the most ridiculous ploy I've have ever seen to try to steal an election. No one complained about hanging chads when the Democrats were winning many of the top offices. If they don't like the law, then they should work to change it, but they don't get to ignore it just because THEY don't think it's fair.

But the biggest fraud of all is taking place right now, today, in state after state (See for a growing list of reports from around the country.) Thousands of questionable or outright bogus voter registrations are pouring into county offices all over the country. Many of them have the fingerprints and the smell of known leftist, socialist and even communist organizations, some of whom are funded by the billionaire George Soros, who has openly stated he will spend whatever he has to spend to unseat George W. Bush. Apparently he is also willing to spend it in any way he can, legal or not, to meet his goal.

It's probably too late the fix the system for this election. Americans everywhere who are law-abiding, legally registered and who vote correctly, are going to have to sit by and watch the attempt to steal this election from them by fraud. Their vote will not count if hundreds of bogus votes are piled on top of it.

It is THEY who are being disenfranchised. Our government is being stolen from US. I hope you will help by demanding that the state gets a handle on the voter registration process. There is absolutely no excuse that the sorry state and county governments should not be held accountable for such negligence. If not, it will come as no surprise when the Federal government steps in to create a National ID card (that will surely get used for much more than voting), because the states seem to be unable or unwilling to do so.



Friday, October 08, 2004

Wow, it WAS all about oil!

I don't see how anyone could possibly subscribe to Kerry's "plan" to get a permission slip from the corrupt U.N. before we take any action anywhere.

The fact that Kerry defends his buddies like France, Germany and Russia after they have been exposed to be up to their butts in the Oil-for-Food scandal, tells me he doesn't have the competence to be a Dog Catcher much less be President of the United Stated of America.

This report blows the lid off the reason why our "friends" were opposed to taking Saddam out. They didn't want to lose their lucrative oil deals. But all Kerry can recite from the report is that there were no stockpiles of WMDs found.

As Russia did with Iran a few years back while sanctions were in place on Iran, it was only going to be a matter of time before somebody sold Iraq the material he wanted to make his weapons. They'll do anything for the oil.

You liberal weenies were half right. It really is all about the oil. But it's not the U.S. or the evil George Bush that is the culprit. It's your comrades, the French, Germans and Russians. Oh poo.

Claudia Rosett on Duelfer Report on National Review Online


Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Voter Intimidation by DemocRATS?

Oh-oh, it's getting ugly out there. A few wacko libs are losing it. And libs don't like to lose. As they themselves will say, they'll do 'whatever it takes' to win, apparently including playing dirty or breaking the law.

Shouldn't this be looked at as Voter Intimidation? The election is some 26 days off but if the libs continue to be this ugly it could have a chilling effect on the feeling of being safe just to go to the polls. I've seen many posts around the 'net that show the people are afraid to put Bush/Cheney stickers on their cars for fear of vandalism to their cars. It makes a mother proud, doesn't it? These must be the same morons that drive around with 'My kid can beat up your kid' bumber stickers.

Watch for more stupid democRAT stunts as the reality sets in that their poodle is not only going to lose, he's going to lose big.

Shots fired at Bush Tenn. headquarters - (United Press International) - Politics - Protestors Ransack Bush/Cheney Headquarters In Orlando

AP Wire | 10/05/2004 | Florida GOP workers claim intimidation by labor protesters

Update: Yup, here's another one now.
10/6/2004 Protestors Storm GOP Victory Center in West Allis


Tuesday, October 05, 2004

North Carolina welcomes terrorists!

Well if this ain't just par for the course. Is there any wonder why we need to send all of these DemocRAT weenies to the showers?

If you are a North Carolina resident, I hope you'll read this article and vote accordingly come November 2nd.

It is time to rid this state of Governor Mike Easley and the rest of the liberal wonks who do not take the safety and security of Americans seriously!

North Carolina welcomes terrorists: "North Carolina welcomes terrorists"


Sunday, October 03, 2004

TSTV Too Stupid To Vote? Voter Fraud!

There's lots of talk out there of rampant voter fraud in the works.

One Ohio county pop. 815,000 has had over 817,000 voter registration applications and they're still coming in!

Reports are coming in from all over. This blog site is trying to keep a list of them.

It's absolutely amazing to me that in 33 states you don't have to actually show ID to a) register or b) VOTE (either in person or especially by absentee ballot). Why would that be? Is there some correlation here as to why so many voter offices are run by by Democrats?

A Single Factor May Decide This Election: Voter Fraud
ChronWatch, United States -
Sep 28, 2004

... KOBTV in Albuquerque reports that a US attorney has formed a voter-fraud task force. The problem is that only 17 states require identification in order to vote ...

The notion that having to show proper, legal ID is somehow unconstitutional because it is effectively a "poll tax" is absolute nonsense.

Look, if you are a fully functioning adult then you have ID of some kind. The idea that 'every vote counts' including the the homeless wino sleeping on a park bench is ludicrous. The claim that some voters are being "disenfranchised" because they couldn't figure out how to vote properly is another idiotic claim. If you're too stupid to fgure out how to fill out a voter card and submit it correctly, then you're Too Stupid To Vote (TSTV), pure and simple.

The same morons who caused all the hanging chad  nonsense along the Gold Coast of Florida in 2000, who couldn't punch a hole in the right place on a simple ballot, are the SAME idiots who have no trouble filling out 6 digits on a Lotto card week after week. And believe me, if any one of them were to actually win that Lottery, when they went to claim it you can bet you sweet ass that they are going to ID you so the IRS can get their chunk of it. I don't hear anyone claiming that is unconstitutional.

Guess which way the fraud is leaning? All reports so far show an inordinate number of DEMOCRAT registrations taking place over Republican registrations. Big surprise. The Dems will of course claim they're just getting out there with aggressive, but legitimate voter drives. Bull. Dead people can't vote. Non-US citizens can't vote. Felons can't vote. Yet all these groups of people are showing up on voter rolls as Democrats. Why is that?

It's high time for this lunacy to come to a screeching halt. Unfortunately, even having had 4 years to resolve the issue, it looks like we're going to be faced with wide-spread voter fraud this time around, again.

It's legitimate voters who are being disenfranchised. They play by the rules and do everything right, yet the power of their vote is diluted by faud.

It's not right and it needs to be fixed.

Where the hell is '60 Minutes' when you really need them? (Yeah right) Are there no real journalists out there any more than will dig out the truth? Has all the news media simply become one big Op-Ed page?


Debatable -- Will a questionable voter registration drive taint ...
Journal Times Online, WI -17 hours ago
... This year's alleged voter registration fraud may lead to ... of the more than 200,000 voter registration applications ... to present a valid identification card before ...
Some applications are 'suspicious,' say elections officials Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

'Vote By Mail' A Formula For Fraud
American Daily, OH - Oct 1, 2004
... You don’t need to show identification of any kind. You don’t have to demonstrate residency. ... Voter fraud happens in Chicago, we say, not here. ...

Some applications are 'suspicious,' say elections officials Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, WI -
Oct 1, 2004

By TOM KERTSCHER. The Milwaukee Election Commission has asked the district attorney's office to review 21 voter registration applications ...

Registration problems raise fears of voter fraud
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, WI -
Oct 1, 2004

By TOM KERTSCHER. Racine - Fears of possible voter fraud were raised throughout Wisconsin last week after reports of possible voter ...

Deputy registrar may have violated state election law
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, WI -
Sep 30, 2004

By TOM KERTSCHER. A Milwaukee man who worked in a Racine voter registration drive said Thursday he never met with any of the people ...

Votes raise red flag on potential for fraud
Atlanta Journal Constitution (subscription), GA - Sep 29, 2004
... Early votes are marked with a numbered identification in case they are later ... He accused Cox of overlooking more serious cases of voter fraud, and produced ...

Authorities Investigating Voter Fraud by Democratic Groups in Ohio
HundredPercenter, United States -
Sep 24, 2004

... County, similar cases of fraud have arisen ... The Ohio Bureau of Criminal Identification & Investigation ... examination of 803 suspect voter registration applications ...