Sunday, September 12, 2004

Fear over 'assault weapons' was just hype

Happy Birthday to me. On Tuesday, September 14, 2004 America will take one step back toward its Constitutionally guaranteed freedom of the People's right "to keep and brear arms". Yay!

The so called "assualt weapons ban" was illegal to start with. It clearly violated the Second Amendment. But worse, it served no purpose other than to make people feel good. The reality is the ban didn't ban anything of significance. It only banned certain cosmetic features of some semi-automatic weapons, and some clip sizes. Big whoop. I can pop off a 6 round clip in my .45 semi-automatic pistol, drop the clip, insert a full clip in about 2 seconds and keep popping. So how are you more safe because 10 round clips were banned?

I don't own any "assualt weapons" myself. I don't even plan to run out on Tuesday and buy up a bunch of them. But that's not the issue.

Some law-abiding Americans do own them. Some will go buy them. And it's their right to do so. True, some law-BREAKING Americans own them too. And some law-BREAKING Americans will try to buy them as well. Law-makers need to make the distinction between law-ABIDING Americans and law-BREAKING Americans. Law-making 101: Laws should be directed at law-BREAKING Americans, not law-ABIDING Americans.

Memo to Sarah Brady, et al: The law-BREAKING Americans owned them the whole time this ban was in effect. Dare I say it? The law didn't work on them! (Isn't it ironic that the weapon John Hinckley used against President Reagan and James Brady was a .22 revolver, a weapon not even remotely affected by this 'assault weapon' ban?)

People who commit crimes against other people or property should be hunted down, arrested, charged, tried, convicted and sentenced in short, sweet order. The sentence should fit the crime. You kill? You die. You tried to kill or rob? You stay your ass in jail for the rest of your life.

What is so complicated about this that Congress (or government at any level) can't get it? They can't all be that stupid or simple (can they?). So there must be something else going on for them to pass such stupid, ineffective laws (it's not like it's the only stupid, ineffective law they've ever passed).

I can only conclude that it's just smoke and mirrors to appease the gullible public into thinking they are earning their keep. It's hard for me to believe that most Americans are ignorant of the daily news, especially the daily antics of Congress, but maybe they've discovered it's true. Most Americans are oblivious to it. So they know they can get away with just about anything. They only have to appease a small portion of the public, those 'special interest groups' (and those who can read) in order to keep those checks coming in.

As Lott says in the article below, take a look in a year and you'll see that all the hype is much ado about nothing.

But one thing is for sure. We are not going to "uninvent guns", especially by legislation. Of course that won't stop the gun banners from trying. So you Americans who value your freedom, and who value the concepts that this great country was founded on, had better become a little more vigilant and maybe even a little more active in keeping these stupid legislators from passing more stupid laws.

The real of the proliferation of assualt weapons is within the Federal government itself. Everybody is building their own assault-style SWAT teams, including the National Park Service! | Armed and Dangerous: Federal Agencies Expanding Use of Firepower

Many of the libs fully trust government agencies and the police to possess and use these weapons against the 'bad guy' (although they see everyone not with them as the 'bad guy') to keep them 'safe'.

Frankly, I've read the story of Ruby Ridge and watched the horror unfold at Waco and I'm not all that thrilled at having some 60,000 federal gun nuts running around whooping it up either.

That's my thought,
Larry - Fear over 'assault weapons' was just hype

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