Thursday, September 30, 2004

The DemocRATS(CBS) bag of Dirty Tricks

Oh, Danny boy. We ye never learn?

This CBS "story" that the Bush Administration might be secretly planning to reinstate the draft is another one of those totally bogus, trumped up schemes from the DemocRAT's bag of DIRTY TRICKS (look for more to come in the next 5 weeks).

CBS News | The Issues: Reviving The Draft | September 29, 2004

While the piece doesn't come right out and say so, it leaves you with the strong implication that there's conspiracy afoot. Perhaps, just perhaps. And so the seed of doubt is planted in the minds of a few more precious voters.

It's late in the campaign season and their horse is fading fast. They've got to pull out all the stops to try to scare anyone and everyone they can to pull their vote back Kerry's way. What better target than the gullible soccer moms? They see their traditional base turning from soccer moms into security moms that support the War on Terrorists and they're going apeshit trying to figure out how to get them back.

And CBS, despite its recent black eye from the fake 'Bush Papers' debacle, is only too willing to step up to the plate and run a Michael Moore-esque conspiracy story like this. It's so pathetic it just makes you want to shoot something. Hey, come to think of it I can go buy up all the "assault weapons" I want now. Nah. I wouldn't waste the ammo. Spreading the truth and shining the light of day on their dirty little tricks is much more fun! CBS Does It Again: Network Uses Phony Documents to Promote Draft Conspiracy

"Like before with Rather on the Bush story, the CBS reporter not only engaged in sloppy journalism and innuendo based on false facts, the story lacked context that a reasonable person can only assume was purposeful and meant to harm President Bush."

Another Black Eye for CBS - Insight on the News - Maxim

"September 30, 2004 -- There he goes again"
New York Post Online Edition: postopinion


On a related note, on Wednesday (9/29) the Kerry campaign announced with great fanfare that the "Reverend" Jesse Jackson has joined their ranks to shore up their slipping numbers in the black community. Apparently black Americans are able to read after all (Jesse would have you believe that Whitey still has his foot on the blacks' collective throats, thus keeping them 'disenfranchised' from the political process. I'd love to see Jesse in a debate and have someone ax him if he knows what disenfranchised really means.). Polls show that only 73% of blacks support Kerry. That sounds like a lot, until you find out that Algore had 90% of the black vote in 2000!

The hype version:
U.S. Newswire : Releases : "Jesse Jackson Joins KerryEdwards on the Road to Victory"

The real reason:
Jesse Jackson Joins Kerry Campaign 'to Avoid Slip in African American Support' (


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