Friday, May 21, 2004

WMD's Found! Saddam-Al-Qaeda Links Established!

This kinda puts that ridiculous "Bush Lied!" mantra to rest, doesn't it?
Now don't you feel silly?

You may send your apologies to:
President George W. Bush
1600 Pennsylvania Ave
Washington, DC

I won't hold my breath.

January 30, 2004
WorldNetDaily: U.S. intel: WMD went to Syria last year

April 26, 2004
Investigative ReportSaddam's WMD Have Been Found

April 26, 2004
Iraqi Weapons in Syria

May 20, 2004
WorldNetDaily: New evidence: Saddam's WMD in Lebanon

May 21, 2004
Chemical Weapons Found in Iraq

May 21, 2004 The WMDs found us 05/21/04

Update: July 6, 2004
Seattle Post-Intelligencer: AP - Washington, D.C.: U.S. flies radioactive items out of Iraq

No Weapons of Mass Destruction - WMDs? The Logic that Escapes the Liberals

Update: While we're on the subject of the 'Bush Lied' mantra, this:

WorldNetDaily: Now who's lying? June 22, 2004

Update: These three links from Neal Boortz' withsite -- June 24, 2004.

Despite the media and the Democrats' best efforts, the link between Saddam Hussein and Al-Qaeda DOES exist. Here is a detailed report -- a report the left would prefer you not read -- from Stephen Hayes.

Al Qaeda Link Exists, Despite the Fog

The media continues to broadcast the lie that there was no link between Al-Qaeda and Saddam Hussein. Paul Greenberg says Paul Greenberg: They still don't get it -- June 23, 2004.

Still don't get the Saddam-Al-Qaeda link? Cal Thomas explains it for you.
Cal Thomas: The Iraq-Al Qaeda-terrorism connection explained -- June 22, 2004


Monday, May 17, 2004

Every Democrat should read this

Evan has it pegged. Every Democrat ought to have to read this article and then explain their opposition with facts. Most of the liberals I've heard are full of emotion and 'feelings' about President Bush and are armed with a few talking points to try to make their case. But when the facts are presented, like Evan has in his article, few will have a come back. You just can't argue with facts. Facts is facts.

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Saturday, May 01, 2004

Road Trip with my Grandson Cody

I took my 12 year old grandson, Cody, on a road trip last week. I flew to Boston and rented a car and we took off from their home west of Boston for the eastern part of Pennsylvania. Amish country of Lancaster County, and Philadelphia, a city rich in history. We had a great time. This was our fourth road trip together. He sure is growing fast. I really enjoy the time with him. I only get to see him once or twice a year now that we've all moved so far apart. I hope he remembers these trips. We learned a lot about the Amish and Mennonite ways and saw the horse and mule-drawn carriages and plows. He was pretty amazed that people live without electricity on purpose. 'What, no TV or microwave?' But I think he was pretty impressed with the delicious fresh-made ice cream straight off the farm. There are always tradeoffs, aren't there?


I like how this guy writes (and thinks)! I've never heard of him before, but a friend sent me this message as a forward that was passed along to him.

"Not counting our internal war’s, since WWI, Democrat Presidents lost 666,359 American soldiers, excluding those not recorded or reported. Under Republican Presidents, we have lost to date a total of 1159 American soldiers."

America At War... Just The Facts! - JB Williams