Wednesday, April 07, 2004

I think this article kinda says it all about Kerry. What person with a functioning brain could possibly support this guy?

You may not like Bush or what he does, but I'll say this much for him. With all their efforts, the libs have come up with nothing of any substance to fault Bush on. Oh they've tried and tried and tried, but the man is basically squeaky clean and, in my mind, comes off as being a no-holds barred, up front straight shooter. I don't agree with everything he's doing, but at least I feel he's being honest about it. And you certainly know where he stands on the issue.

With Kerry you never quite know where he's going to be today. Like many of the dems, he plays to the audience he happens to be in front of. And he plays to segments of the pobulation, or "classes" as Kerry refers to them. There's the "black" vote, and the "middle class" vote and the "women's" vote. Bush usually just refers to us all as Americans. I like that.

Manila Folder
From the April 12 / April 19, 2004 issue: John Kerry's 1986 wimp-out in the Philippines.
by P.J. O'Rourke
04/12/2004, Volume 009, Issue 30

"Just as today Kerry is brave sailor/bold war protester; foe of Saddam/friend of Hans Blix; political underdog/entitled nominee; big government liberal/corporate tax-cutting conservative; rider of Harleys/marrier of Heinz; and, incidentally, still a real jerk."

Manila Folder


This topic will be coming to light soon too, unles you only watch ABC, CBS, NBC or CNN or read the New York Times, of course.

Navy Commanders to Cast Doubt on Kerry's War Record

"Several Navy officers who supervised Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry when he commanded a swift boat in Vietnam are preparing to publicly question his war record - including the circumstances under which he was awarded three Purple Hearts - a noted Vietnam War historian revealed on Sunday."

Say what you will about Bush serving in the National Guard, but I don't fault him for it. It's a legitimate way to fullfill your service duty and he's certainly not the only one who found ways to avoid getting shot at in the swamps. Do you suppose if Bush had served on a Navy ship that stayed offshore and just lobbed missiles the dems would still be criticizing his service because he didn't get swamp mud between his toes?

Am I less of an American or a human being than John Kerry because I was 4F'd out of the service in 1970 due to my medical problem?



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