Wednesday, March 31, 2004

What America needs is a President who rewards success

"What America needs is a President who rewards success."


"What America needs is a President who rewards success. We've got to stop rewarding poverty."

"It amazes me that the liberals tout 'choice' from the rooftops when it means killing a child, but cry foul when it means educating one."

Bush, Not Kerry

I keep reading about how President Bush is 'shredding the Constitution' because of the Patriot Act.
The Constitution -- remember that old, brown piece of paper that's supposed to be the law of the land? It's hanging in a museum somewhere, but apparently nobody really reads it any more.

Frankly, I think one of the Federal government's few mandates is to protect us from aggressors, both foreign and domestic. They're finally doing something they are supposed to be doing and the liberals want to complain about it.

While we're on the subject of the Constitution, could someone please tell me what page of the Constitution it is that authorizes Kerry's plan to 'tax the rich'? The Federal tax on individual income did not exist until 1913, when after several years of consternation the 16th Amendment was ratified by 2/3's of the States. (There is much credible argument as to whether the required number of states ever legally ratified it, but the Federal government pushed ahead and declared it so anyway. But that's another story.)

The point is, the Founders never intended for the Federal government to tax American citizens directly. If there had even been a whiff of such a possibility, the Several States would never have ratified the Constitution at all. The last thing in the world the Founders wanted was for a new King to be able to tax the citizens directly, returning them to little more than the status of a serf. I think if they were alive today, the Founders would get out their guns and start shooting!

Which article in the Constitution is Kerry citing when he talks about the 'class' of one group of Americans vs. the 'class' of another? Frankly I resent his snobby reference to 'the rich', as if they were a better class than the so-called middle class. Just because he can buy more ketchup than I can does not make him a better person. And it certainly doesn't mean that he has more class than anyone else.

The fact is, there's plenty of Constitution shredding going on. But I doubt you can cite more than a handful, if that, of the Patriot Act adversely affecting the lives of law-abiding Americans. High taxes however, adversely affects every
single American, every single day.

The Democrat playbook continues to pit one economic group against another in a divisive attempt to 'divide and conquer'. I shuddered when I heard John "two Americas" Edwards pontificating, almost with a tear in his eye, about "some little girl, somewhere who is cold because she has no coat." Yeah, well I'll bet it's not your kid, John. You know what? It's not my kids either. In fact I doubt you could find more than the tiniest handful of children in this country who are hungry, cold or in dire need. Are there some? Sure there are. Do they need help? Absolutely they do. But they don't need it from the Federal government (Can you say parents?). And we certainly don't need a president that focuses on the lowest common denominator of failure and poverty as the foundation of his platform for what is good for America. It's patently obvious that it is just a ploy to pit one economic group against another, what they call the 'haves vs. the have nots'.

Every American should be happy to see his fellow Americans succeed. Why should you be jealous of your neighbor just because he's more talented, more dedicated or simply works harder, or in many cases has just been at it longer than you? Very few Americans who are making over $200,000 have had it just handed to them (Kerry, Kennedy, et al. notwithstanding). No, they've gone out, gotten educated, built a career or a business and created wealth in the way that has never been duplicated as well as any other place on Earth. The opportunity, just the chance to succeed in America, is the reason millions flock to this country every year. I've seen thousands of literal 'rags to riches' success stories in my life. It is the American Dream.

While I'm not rich by Kerry's standards, I'm doing ok for a guy who was raised in a house that didn't have indoor plumbing. We fished, not for sport, but for food. We grew our own vegetables. We ran barefoot through the summer months so my parents didn't have to buy new shoes until school started. Getting new shoes and a new pair of jeans for the first day of school each year was a huge treat. I worked. I went to school. I learned. I earned. I saved. I've spent a lifetime improving myself and my financial situation and I've passed along those traits to my children who are grown now and fully self-sufficient. And now Kerry and his liberal kind want to make me feel guilty for my success. They want me to hand them a larger chunk of my reward so THEY can manage it, promising to find that little girl and and buy her a darn coat, after skimming off their fat bureaucratic salaries of course.

What America needs is a President who rewards success. We've got to stop rewarding poverty. This is the land of opportunity, not the land of despair. We all face challenges. That's what life is. But there is no better place than America to pull yourself up through those challenges and become successful.

We need a president who applauds productivity, self-reliance, and encourages striving to improve yourself, by taking advantage of the many opportunities available. We need a president who acknowledges, as President Bush does, that many of those opportunities are being created by productive, successful entrepreneurs. Small businesses in America are the backbone of the economy. Small businesses create more jobs, more wealth and more successful Americans than the big fat job-oriented corporations, by far. But have you heard the word "entrepreneur" uttered from the mouth of John Kerry even once? I haven't.

We need a president who gives hope, embraces the positive and treats all Americans equally, regardless of their economic status. Yes, we must be compassionate, helping those who truly need it. Offering a helping hand to get people on the right track to self-reliance and personal achievement. President Bush's plan for improving the education of our kids will take a generation to correct the wrong-headed approach the liberals have been on for years. But they immediately attacked it as a failed plan because it wrests control from their liberal establishment. I'll tell you what a failed plan is. A failed plan is 40 years of liberal philosophy in the public schools with the result that the average 6th grader can't spell Montana or find it on a map.

If they are really so concerned about the children, why do they insist on preventing them from choosing alternative education resources via vouchers? It amazes me that the liberals tout 'choice' from the rooftops when it means killing a child, but cry foul when it means educating one. The biggest way to help all Americans, especially the children, is to get government out of the way. Lower taxes, school choice and incentives for families to stick together and work together through the challenges will do more than any bloated federal social project. But you see, there's no money in it for those who want to control our lives if we all learn to become more self-sufficient. Freedom through personal success is anathema to their philosophy.

What we don't need is a president who continually pits one group against another for political gain for himself and his cronies.

There is no doubt in my mind that, given the choices at hand, President George W. Bush is the only plausible choice. Not John Kerry.

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